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Using Coupons to Get GoDaddy Hosting for Less Than $30

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We all have the innate spirit of adventure. Travelling is in our DNA. I love sharing my expeditions and this is why I run several blogs. I host them with GoDaddy and they aren’t the world’s biggest domain registrar for nothing. They are the leaders of the web hosting world. Currently, they are running a promotion. Here are three reasons why you don’t need to spend more than $30 on godaddy hosting when you have coupons.


1. The coupons come with a complimentary WordPress installation.

This is arguably the best platform for hosting blogs. There are a lot of plugins developed with travellers in mind. Be sure you’ll find the right theme matching your style. If you’re like the rest of us, you will be using their hosting coupons to run a WordPress blog. It’s in your best interest to settle for a hosting provider with a previous WordPress experience.
Even though are not required to give extensive support on third-party WordPress themes and plugins, they’ll point you in the right direction. Of course, only the greatest hosting providers go this extra mile. I’ve seen quite a few stone-hearted ones that won’t even point you in the right direction. Great hosting agencies understand that we’re not all conversant with technical jargon and this is why they’re helpful when it comes to troubleshooting.

2. When you subscribe to a hosting package through a coupon code, you are eligible for 24/7 support

As travellers, we often move around – sometimes visiting places in different time zones. The last thing you want is a web host that operates between the usual nine-to-five business hours. With them, you’re guaranteed of live chat support through their website twenty-four hours a day. This means they’ll be there to offer assistance whenever you need them. Gone are the days when web hosts used to offer support through the traditional telephone. Imagine how hard it was exchanging code snippets!

This isn’t the best part yet. When you call them, you’re redirected to their customer care team. Let’s be honest – they never seem to understand a thing and they’re best at giving canned responses. They then transfer your queries to their technical team. With live support, you’re able to chat with them directly. This means you’ll spend less time troubleshooting and more time doing what you enjoy – sharing memories.

3. Their coupons are scalable

This is beneficial in that you can upgrade to better hosting plans as you grow your travel blog. To understand how scalability comes into play, first look at this scenario. Let’s assume that you run a small blog (less than five thousand monthly visits). You write a nice travel guide and it takes off. A kind subscriber shares a link to your article and it goes viral. You get more than ten thousand visitors and your website crashes. It goes down with potential ad clicks, affiliate sales and perhaps email subscriptions with it. When you host your website with GoDaddy through a discount coupon, you can upgrade anytime. Life is about making moves. Make the smart one today.

The 4 Best Coupon Code Apps To Save Money While Shopping

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When it comes to online purchases, you can simply open a new tab, type in  ‘promo code’ and find a website like this overflowing with promo codes.

But for offline shopping like groceries, can tech help you save money? You bet!

For most families, groceries are the second largest expense in the budget. It’s no surprise that saving on groceries is one of the first places that many people go to save a little extra cash. However, it can feel a bit tricky, as no one wants to deprive their family of food to save money! Thankfully, technology has made this a bit easier; some apps can help you save money or will pay you to shop. There are also many buying guides, such as this one for cheap earphones. Check out our list of the four best grocery savings apps.

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is a powerful shopping list app that allows you to make a list from the millions of items in the database. If you don’t want to search through the database, you can add items through bar code scanning or voice recognition. The app also offers coupons and has features that help you save money, making this a must-have tool for families that are short on time and money.


Ibotta offers thousands of rebates that are redeemable at over 50 retailers. Shoppers skim through offers by category and complete certain tasks to have a pending rebate added to their account. Duties involve things like watching a video or answering questions about your shopping preferences. Once you buy the item, upload a copy of your receipt and scan the UPC and the money is available for you to send to PayPal whenever you want it. Bonus offers and team offers can also help shoppers to boost the cash they get back considerably.


SnipSnap is first and foremost a coupon app, and users can search thousands of coupons that are already online. Unlike other apps, you can also take pictures and upload print coupons to use in-store, eliminating the need to clip coupons or bring them with you. Only available for iOS.


SavingStar allows you to make better use of all of those store and loyalty cards. When you use a card or coupons, the savings are applied to the SavingStar account and converted to cash. Withdrawals are possible after you earn $5. For those who wish to give back, you can donate the money you receive through the app to individual charities.

One reason that these apps are so powerful is that they rely on things that you probably do already, like writing a list, or signing up for rewards programs, or using coupons. These apps don’t replace those ordinary activities, but instead, make them more efficient and increase their earning power leaving more time and money for you and your family.

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The 4 Best Coupon Code Apps To Save Money While Shopping

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