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With Web Hosting Providers, Always Use a Coupon Code

godaddy coupon codes - hosting renewal

We’ll Give You One Free GoDaddy Coupon For Your Trouble.

If you’re signing up with a new web hosting company, the simplest and easiest way to save a couple hundred bucks (or more) is to use a coupon code when you checkout. Hosting companies are fiercely competitive, and will give you tons of coupons just to get you try them out. Here are some quick resources for GoDaddy promo codes we found:

If you’re not a fan of GoDaddy and want something that isn’t quite so mainstream we suggest checking out a2hosting.com, they are a wonderful hosting service.


godaddy coupon codes - hosting renewal


Now that you have a website up and running, how are you going to market it? Here we present 10 ways to market your website through optimization.

The 10 Commandments of Website Optimization

Search engine optimization has evolved since the early days of the internet – growing to encompass much more than just optimizing a website’s code. For example, Google no longer uses meta description and tags to decide organic search rankings. Instead, Google’s algorithm measures severalmarketing elements which determine search rankings.

The first step in every marketing strategy is to create clear goals and determine the best way to meet those goals. Without a goal for yourmarketing strategy, you will end up wasting time and money.

Selecting a good domain name (something easy for customers to remember) is critical to promoting your brand digitally. Ideally, your domain name should include the name of your company. However, if you can’t use your company’s name, you need to use something that customers will associate with your brand.

You must have a functional website that is easy for visitors to navigate. Make sure that you don’t have any duplicate pages because using the same content in more than one place online will hurt your search engine rankings. Also, make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links.

Mobile searches now make up most online searches. That means you need a mobile-friendly site. Unfortunately, many older sites aren’t mobile-friendly – which causes them to miss much of their target audience.

Most of your site’s visitors will arrive via search engines (like Google and Bing). That means your site will need to have keywords relevant to what your target audience is looking for online. Keyword planning and research are essential to attracting your target audience.

Your site must have quality, original content because search engine algorithms place a high importance on it. Your content must also stay fresh, regularly updated to get the uppermost possible organic search rankings. A blog can help you maintain new content.

Optimizing your site for local SEO can attract customers near you by promoting your business in Google Maps. Many mobile users search for local businesses in Google Maps.

Social media doesn’t directly impact your site’s rankings. However, much of your digital audience won’t engage your brand through your website. Instead, a lot of your audience will connect with your brand on social media. Therefore, if you end up getting a lot of traffic from social media profiles, it will indirectly boost your search engine rankings.

Off-page marketing elements are essential too. Even though you might not see something wrong on your site, a search engine might discover an error which will hurt your rankings. In fact, off-page mistakes can get your site penalized by Google. Therefore, hiring a professional to look over the technical and off-site SEO features on your site might be a good investment.

Lastly, Google publishes guidelines which cover marketing best practices. You need to make sure that your site follows the Google guidelines to avoid any penalties. Severe violations can even get your site banned from search engine results, Therefore, hiring an SEO professional can help keep your site stay compliant with Google policies.

In short, yourmarketing strategy should fit into your overall digital marketing strategy. It needs to increase the value of your brand to your digital audience, which is critical if you expect to stand out from your competition. Therefore, your strategy must include clear goals and a plan of action on how to meet those goals. Furthermore, your site must have engaging content, be functional and mobile-friendly, optimized so search engines and visitors will find you. 

Finally, your website must meet Google’s SEO guidelines. Hiring a professional to improve your site’s marketing elements can increase your organic search rankings. Also, a professional will help you avoid potential Google penalties.

Use Norton Coupons To Protect Your Computer’s Hardware.

norton coupon codes

Protecting Your Computer’s Hardware from Damage

Most home computer users replace their machines after a few years, either due to a desired technology upgrade or because their PC has stopped working. Hardware damage is one of the top reasons why computers crash and stop working. Luckily, you can prolong the life of your machine by protecting its hardware from damage.

A Software Approach: Use Norton Coupon Codes

Using a software security device like Norton will actually help prolong the hardware of your computer by preventing damaging scripts from messing with computer components. Sometimes bad scripts will make the computer fan turn off, causing the CPU to overheat and the computer to break down. If you use a coupon code, you can save up to 70% off their protection software.

norton coupon codes

Power Surges

Power surges can damage your computer’s hardware. For example, a power surge from the electric company, as well as a lightning strike on (or near) your home, can destroy your computer’s power supply, motherboard, and other electronic components. You should never plug your computer directly into a power outlet. Unfortunately, power strips and even the standard surge protector cannot protect your PC from a power surge either. Therefore, you must use a surge suppressor to protect your computer from electrical spikes. Also, a surge suppressor will protect your PC from dirty power (bad electricity from the power company). You can buy surge suppressors that include liability protection, which covers the cost of your electronics damaged in case the surge suppressor fails. You can find surge suppressors online and in most consumer electronics stores.

While power surges are harmful to your PC, a loss of power can cause damage too. For example, if your computer is running when the power goes off, your hard drive could get damaged. Therefore, you should consider connecting a backup power source to your computer. That way if you lose electricity when your PC is on, you will have time to shut down the computer, without damaging the hard drive.

During the wintertime, your body can build up a lot of static electricity (especially if you have carpet). Unfortunately, if you discharge that static electricity while touching your PC (like to turn it on or use it), you can damage electronic components and circuits. In fact, static electricity can do enough damage to ruin a motherboard. Therefore, you must remember to (attempt to) discharge any static electricity before touching your PC. For example, you could contact something metal in your house (like a doorknob) to discharge any static electricity.

Removing an external device from your computer while it’s running can damage the internal circuits. For example, if you are using a jump drive, make sure that you don’t just unplug the device when you finish using it. Instead, select the option to safely remove the jump drive from your computer (there is usually an icon near the bottom right corner of the screen). Also, never plug-in or unplug a device (like a mouse or keyboard) while your PC is running.

Often, you can notice changes in your computer’s performance before a hardware failure. For example, your computer might start crashing (blue screening), or you might see it running slower. Those are signs that the hard drive, CPU, or RAM could be going bad. If you encounter problems with your PC’s performance, then it’s time to have a technician look at it.

Computer hardware will sometimes sound different before it fails. For example, a fan about to go out will start humming louder – and a failing hard drive will spin louder. Therefore, if you notice different sounds coming from your PC, you might want to have a technician look it over.

Finally, keep the area around your PC clean. The power supply fan helps keep the inside of your computer cool. However, the fan also sucks a lot of dust particles into your computer. Dust buildup can damage the electronic components inside your PC. Also, don’t keep any liquids around your computer because an accidental spill will short out the circuits.

In short, hardware failures will cripple your PC’s performance. Protect your computer from disruptions in the steady flow of power by using a surge suppressor and a backup power supply. Try not to discharge any static electricity when touching your PC. Don’t plug in or remove devices while your computer is running. If you notice any differences in your computer’s performance (running slow, crashing or sounding different), take it to a technician for repairs (if you aren’t ready to replace the computer). Also, make sure the area around your PC is kept clean and free of any liquids.


BlueHost’s Free Domain Name Creates Possibilities

bluehost coupon codes - creative domain name ideas

When starting out a new website, most people don’t realize that nearly every hosting provider offers a free domain registration when you purchase a new hosting package (BlueHost offers this as part of their bluehost coupon codes). So, if you’re among those who purchased a domain name with GoDaddy, not realizing that BlueHost was going to give you a free domain registration anyway, then you have a free domain name to play with!

Instead of merely registering the ‘.NET’ or ‘.ORG’ versions of your domain name, why not get a little creative with it? These are some possibilities for you to play around with when you get a free domain registration.

Get Creative with Alternative Domain Names

Whether you are founding a new business or updating an existing one for the digital age, a memorable domain name is one of the best ways to brand your online presence. Since the dot-com bubble of the late ’90s, companies have typically turned to the tried-and-true .com domain extension as their preferred choice. But with more top-level domains (TLDs) available than ever before, now is the perfect time to look beyond .com and take advantage of new and creative listings for your company or brand. Here are five creative ways to get in on this new trend.

Get the scoop with .today

For businesses and news organizations that trade in up-to-date information, a .today website is a surefire way to attract users looking for the latest scoop. An ideal name convention for local newspapers or news aggregators, .today domains indicate an urgency and immediacy that is hard to find elsewhere.

Creative .today ideas include: radioname.today, tvstation.today, cityname.today, and more.

Be yourself with .me

Are you looking to build a portfolio site or personal blog? Look no further than a .me domain, a memorable and recognizable listing that quickly communicates the non-commercial nature of your page. On the flip side, businesses can take advantage of a .me page to create platforms for intimate customer engagement away from the hustle and bustle of larger social media watering holes.

Creative .me ideas include: a photographer’s portfolio website (JohnDoe.me), a fitness trainer for hire (fitnesscoachfor.me), and a financial advisory page (investingfor.me).

Dive into video with .tv

Give your next vlog and other web-based video content project a high-definition makeover with a .tv landing page. If your preferred .tv domain happens to be taken, never fear! Look at lesser-known alternatives like .media and .video for bargain availability.

Creative .tv ideas include: a streaming video portal for a local TV channel (stationID.tv), and a landing page for a specific TV show (showname.tv).

Go mobile with .mobi

More users are browsing the web from phones and tablets than ever before. Keep your website mobile-friendly with a .mobi domain name. E-commerce sites can see big gains by updating their web presence to be optimized for mobile. There is no better way to let your customers know their mobile devices are welcome than with a .mobi domain.

Creative .mobi domain ideas include: a mobile app information page (yourapp.mobi), a game website (mobilegame.mobi), and a mobile version of an existing business page (business.mobi).

Say “I do!” to .wedding

Before you pick the perfect dress, make sure you cover all your bases with a bespoke website for your wedding. Whether you need a place to host your gift wish list or a public one-stop-shop for all your post-wedding pictures and video, a .wedding domain is a great way to bring some modern flair to that special day.

With so many top-level domains available, the only thing standing between you and a unique web address is your decision to pick one.

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With Web Hosting Providers, Always Use a Coupon Code

We'll Give You One Free GoDaddy Coupon For Your Trouble. If you're signing up with a new web hosting company, the simplest and easiest way...